Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Ice Limit

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child sure do know how to keep you up all night. You have an important meeting early in the morning but you just can't keep their book down.

The Ice Limit falls under the category of sci-fi that won't require you to keep your brains in the shoe stand while reading it.

Here is the gist:
A team composing of  a few brilliant scientists, engineers and workers lead by a whimsical multi billionare head on a journey to Chile to retrieve what they think is the biggest meteorite on Earth. The density is measured wrong along with other chemical composition tests that result in the meteorite, that's just about 20-30 feet wide (I can't remember this exactly), ending up being over 40,000 tons heavy putting it's density off the charts.
Anyhow they manage to load it up on a ship (and I can go all day about the brilliant equations and explainations involved but I'll leave it for you folks to cherish it).
Due to unforeseen circumstances the ship drowns causing the meteorite to sink to the bottom. Since it happend in 'The Ice Limit' - right where the cold waters begin, most of the survivors are frost bitten.

The few that recover hear news reports of earth quakes and tsunamis occuring and all of them point to where the meteorite sank.

Read the novel to find what the meteorite actually is. Read this novel for excellent (scratch that, outstanding is the word) character portryal. Read it for knee jerking action.

Update - There is a sequel for this novel coming up with a team being put together to reterive/ destroy the meteorite and my oh my, myself and Preetha are excited :)


scritic said...

sounds interesting. btw, what exactly is "knee jerking action", suguvan? :-)

Sugavan said...

did I say that? Well it's a term used in Plyometrics, quick compression and release of joint muscles. Look at the P90X program (which I believe is a great combo workout btw) to understand what I am saying

Harini Sridharan said...

Nice! Sounds like movie material :)