Friday, January 4, 2008

The Secret

I am not a book lover nor do I read a lot of books. This is my first stumbling step at getting a review out.

It was one of those days for me where you feel that your life sucks and so does your job (well this happens to me every second day I am in office) I picked up the phone and called my General Manager in India, and after one hour of complaining on phone on how my career was not moving anywhere. He very calmly asked me if I get posted in a new town will I not manage to find an apartment and settle down, irrespective of how much help I get from others in finding an apartment. I told him I know I will manage.
His perspective about my career was the same, in a nutshell he told me please don’t complain to others look for answers yourself and you will find what you want (If you know what you want). He dint leave me in the dark, before he hung up the phone he recommend this book 'The Secret'. It would be $10 well spend read the book is what he said. I picked up the book from Wal-Mart and for once managed to read through the entire book.

The book is written on "Law of Attraction" based on the working of the cosmos, your thoughts and feelings attract real things in life.
A very intriguing thought process, the book contains interviews from practitioners or teachers who believe or follow the principles of 'the secret' and have been successful.

The excerpt
The Secret is the law of attraction
Everything that's coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it's attracted to you by virtue of the images you're holding in your mind. it's what you're thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you.
"Every thought of yours is a real thing- a force."


The book focuses on positive thinking (asking, believing and receiving), think or ask from life what you want, believe in your asking and receive what you asked for (I know it sounds like another BS inspirational book).
But if I guess if you are positive and look forward for something in your life it becomes easier to grab an opportunity when it comes to you.
You are expecting things to come to you (Wait on the cricket ground expecting a catch to come to you, you stand a better chance to catch it than the one who is least expecting one)
I never believed in positive thinking being a pessimist myself, but since everything in your life is so much dependent on your thinking and how you perceive life it is worth giving this book a try.
I am not the right guy to explain how this stuff works, but personally life becomes a lot easier being positive and thinking good and looking forward for what you want from life, rather than sitting back and wining; even if you don’t receive what you want, you might probably end up having a better day.


bubbles said...

welcome welcome! our first review for the new year!

Harini Sridharan said...

Welcome! :) Thanks for accepting the invitation and promptly coming up with a book review! I've heard of the book and remember that it created a buzz when it was released. Will look forward to reading it when I get a chance.

alyk said...

Wow wow! Haha, the law of attraction. I nv thought about it but heard of something like that on an ancient Chinese drama last night. Something like...

"When your heart is stirred, you will act on your impulse. If you want her to find no way of coming back into your life, you must not think of her, call her name. You'll summon her just by thinking of her."

The "she" is a fairy and the guy is trying to end their relationship of 50 years cos he's giving his heart to a Celestial creature who needs 50 hearts to become a human. WHAA, kinda stupid and lame plot compared to these bestsellers. I like such magical and fantasy-like stuff though. Brings me out of my current world. Is that why we read books? WAHA... Watch shows...