Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Five Point Someone -- Chetan Bhagat

Have you ever bunked your classes to hang out in college canteen for a cup of tea and greasy samosas? Ever burned both ends of midnight candle mugging MEPA? Combined studies anyone????? 4 years of blissful ignorance, raging harmones, proxy attendance, ragging, GRE, Toefl, Uncertain future, suicidal tendencies and special hang-out spots - unless you are a caveman, i surely know ya'll miss these moments ( my case, substitute suicidal with psycho ). Well relish all these fav moments in this Laugh-Out-Lout riot involving 3 super loser IITians and their ridiculous attempts to scrape through 4 grueling years to score a five pointer. Written by Chetan Bhagat ( who himself was an IIT /IIM alumni ), this one will literally make you roll on the floor LOL. Buy it from amazon or you can borrow it from me for a cookie :)


Harini Sridharan said...

Have read it too... is a light, fun, quick read. It dint rise too many nostalgic feelings for me, but I expect it hit home much more for guys.

Tidbit: Rumor has it that plans are in place to adapt the book into a (desi) movie, starring none other than SRK himself (of course as the young college going lad! :p)

bubbles said...

hey.. nice!

I thought this was a management kind of book. Can I entice you with half a cookie?

SPalla said...

:D, wud never say no to a cookie, if it also comes with a cup of coffeee :p

~Greedy Palla

SPalla said...

After watching cheeni-kum, i'm glad they didn't cast Big B

Harini Sridharan said...

hehe... who knows.. Big B might be roped in for a guest appearance as the HOD :D. It would be a made-to-fit role for him replete with his daughter being the heroine and the long lecture speech about following regulations ;-)